About Us

Hollywood loves the idea of organized crime. Some of the greatest movies we have had revolves around this theme, such as the Godfather trilogy, Goodfellas and Casino. The Italian mafia culture was really the catalyst that led to this obsession.

Organized crime waves is a blog that writes about the fan culture around organized crime and mafia culture. We also focus on how organized crime happens in real life societies around the world. The perpetrators might say that crime is too heavy a word to describe some of their morally questionable activities, but you wouldn’t shirk away from using that word when you see the impact of their acts.

While there is some degree of activism involved in our line of work, we are predominantly researchers and writers. Our team is spread across the world, giving us a local presence to dig deeper into facts. The intention is to bring to you the realities of the world for you to take a measured decision on if and how you want to influence things.

Recall that organized crime syndicates make their dirty money through extortion, gambling and trafficking. They make their money when you lose either your money or something much worse. How can we stand the atrocity of such people profiting at the expense of others!