3 damaging impacts of organized crime on society and nations

Organized crime’s impact on society is not anything new to us. It affects individuals, societies and countries at different levels. One desperate need to be something in life, or to make money, and people fall into the vicious trap of such syndicates. And most never make it out.

It is not easy to eradicate such crimes from society. They are deeply ingrained into the fabrics of our society. Humans being humans, we are always susceptible to desires. While a complete cure cannot be thought of, perhaps these effects can make you think twice. Here we look at these different levels at which this problem hits us.


Capital obtained from illicit activities such as drugs, human trafficking and extortion is normally reinvested into the legal economy. Problem is that this artificially inflates the economy whilst enabling activities such as money laundering for these syndicates. This has a serious negative impact on the economy.

Human Lives

Perhaps the most obvious one, human lives are a major casualty in organized crime. Be it crimes related to drug abuse, human trafficking, gang violence or collateral damage, human lives take a big hit. This is currently a major issue in countries like Colombia and Central American nations where cocaine and heroin abuse dampens the economy.

Professional lives

Not many think of this, but the people who are unfortunately caught up in these syndicates, whether due to financial problems or otherwise, stand to lose their entire professional futures. Remember those career forms where they ask questions such as prior drug abuse, legal convictions, indictments and so on? Yeah, these people don’t have the luxury of saying no to those questions.

When we said we can prevent the growth of such syndicates by making people aware of its pitfalls, we didn’t say it would be an easy task. It is the duty of each mother and father to ensure that their child is made aware of these issues. Similar to sex education, this kind of education is better done than not.

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