3 notorious crime organizations who profited from gambling

What we refer to as mafia today results from a pattern seen in many nations across the world. The word itself is said to have Arabic roots, much like the term ‘Assassin’, which derives from the Arabic word Hashish. Organized crime as such is seen in different countries. In this post, we cover some of the most notorious precedents in history.

Key crime syndicates always had a base to attract people and make the initial money before they went on to, shall we say, more profitable areas. This base was gambling. Underground casinos and betting places were common means for them to attract a fan base, snatch their money and act as the savior by “offering them a path to financial stability” by dealing in drug and human trafficking.

The following syndicates used this measure at the beginnings of their evolution.


You may definitely have heard of the term, but perhaps don’t know exactly what it is. The Yamaguchi Gumi, or Yakuza to some, is a famed gang that hails from Japan. The Yakuza has existed for over hundreds of years, with their modus operandi being extortion and drug trafficking. Like any typical crime organization, they are bound by traditions and hierarchies.


The Chinese triads are a typical presence in Hollywood movies. With a vast presence in more than 20 nations outside Mainland China, the triad is an international syndicate that deals again mostly with drug trafficking. Another activity of the group is counterfeiting. The syndicate is considered one of the most secretive and ruthless organizations, and has existed for centuries.

Solntsevskaya Bratva

Are you an Arrow fan? Remember Anatoly and his gang? Yeah, the same Bratva. Unlike what you have seen in the TV show, the Bratva is not a disciplined and proud organization. They are ruthless businessmen dealing in heroin trade and human trafficking. The organization is quite decentralized unlike the aforementioned ones.

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