Useful Resources

In addition to us, there are many others that focus on the fan culture around the concept of organized crime. Some of these can be a simple jovial read along with your afternoon coffee, and some more thought-provoking and grim. Nevertheless, we will let you decide. These are some of our favorites.

Not The Mafia You Know

Not The Mafia You Know is a blog written by a Ph.D. student in Italy that aims to address the misconceptions around the mafia culture in the Calabrian province in Italy. He talks about the grim reality of mafia culture in the streets of Calabria, and how it is affecting the lives of citizens.


Sadly, Calabria seems to be always associated with the Mafia. The ‘Ndrangheta, considered to be the world’s most powerful mafia organization, is studied in detail in this blog. Similar to the previously mentioned one, Crimereads focuses on the gritty reality and implications of mafia on societal life.

Insight Crime

Insight Crime is a foundation that analyzes organized crime in Latin American and the Caribbean. It is quite a high profile foundation, considering that its team is made up of journalists, reporters and ex-military servicemen who are adept at uncovering facts under the dreariest of circumstances.